Let’s meet, Ciara Stockeland

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Hey there dibslies!  We have a question for you: How do you measure success? Kind of vague and difficult right? This might be an overarching question in life, but would you believe that someone actually does that for a living? Well, Ciara Stockeland does just that, but this time around, she digs deep in the details of your boutique business, … Read More

Top 10 Creative Live Selling Ideas for Facebook

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Hey there #dibslies! So it’s no question that Facebook Live Selling is getting all the rave now, and most if not all entrepreneurs (like you!) are taking advantage of it.  But why is that so? Well, here’s the deal: you need to be creative in creating genuine connections.  Keyword: genuine connections. That’s right. FB Lives may seem intimidating to most … Read More

Live Shopping Trend

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Live shopping was predicted to generate $129 billion by the end of 2020 in China. Selling products through video is not a new phenomenon in the eCommerce world. However, live selling is an entirely new experience because the viewers or the shoppers interact with the presenter and each other.  Now, because of its projected profitability all over the world, continents like … Read More