Let’s meet, Ciara Stockeland

by Gisela Mirandilla / June 23, 2021

Hey there dibslies! 

We have a question for you: How do you measure success?

Kind of vague and difficult right?

This might be an overarching question in life, but would you believe that someone actually does that for a living?

Well, Ciara Stockeland does just that, but this time around, she digs deep in the details of your boutique business, and crafts the right system just for you!

As a former boutique owner, Ciara is hyper aware of the ins and outs of the business. With over 20 years of entrepreneurship on her belt, you wouldn’t be surprised that she transitioned to a Business Coach specifically for inventory-based enterprises.

You could say that she’s made for this. A third generation entrepreneur, Ciara shares to us that she has been buying and selling, building, and creating even at a young age.

Want to know what her first “business” is as a kid? 

Rocks! Yup. This amazing Business Coach had tried to sell rocks to her neighbors!

It’s no wonder that she now resonates with the entrepreneurial community afterall. 

As a Business Coach, Ciara helps clear out the confusion for your boutique business by understanding and leveraging on your data.

She draws out the current sales and future goals of your business, then assesses the systems in place to identify where the problem really is. 

Once all of that is done, she helps you build a 12-month sales plan for your profit plans, OTB systems in place, and other tools to manage your numbers.

Ciara emphasizes on making sure you know how your business works and grows!

“If you don’t understand your data – where it comes from, how to track and measure it, and how to even use it, you are missing the biggest piece of the growth puzzle. It is imperative to build a strong foundation!”

Ciara Stockeland

Watch out for our expert session with Ciara soon, and discover how you can grow your boutique business through understanding your data, dibslies!