Top 10 Creative Live Selling Ideas for Facebook

by Gisela Mirandilla / June 15, 2021

Hey there #dibslies!

So it’s no question that Facebook Live Selling is getting all the rave now, and most if not all entrepreneurs (like you!) are taking advantage of it. 

But why is that so?

Well, here’s the deal: you need to be creative in creating genuine connections. 

Keyword: genuine connections.

That’s right. FB Lives may seem intimidating to most entrepreneurs, especially if you’re not usually the type to show your face, life updates,  and whatnot, unfiltered! 

But as the online world has suddenly become the go-to market for everyone, you need to know how to stand out from the rest. 

This time, you really wouldn’t need anything flashy, you just have to be genuine by showing your personal touch! 

Remember, your customers love it when they feel as if they know you. 

Showing your daily life, or just random updates, makes them feel as if you’re permitting them to take a peek at your life!

Once they feel connected to you more than ever, you’d be surprised with how much customers you have retained, and attracted to your brand! 

Don’t believe us? Well here’s the hard facts according to Hubspot:

  • A whopping 82% of consumers prefer live videos from a brand over any other social media post.
  • Around 67% of an audience prefer to purchase ASAP when persuaded through LIVEs.
  • Around 35% of online marketers use live videos for their strategies

See? We both know that you only want the best for your boutique, or ecommerce shop. 

And FB LIVEs are there to help you do so.

Not to worry though if this is just your first time. We got you covered! 

Here are the top 10 creative ideas you should use for your next FB Live Selling.


This type of video is usually the most viewed one because it helps your audience get to know your biz, and feel connected with you.

behind-the-scenes, daily work routine, how you create products, package and personalize orders, personalize, routine, create

The more they see your process, the more they know that you’re real! 

1. Behind-the-scenes of your daily work routine.

GOAL: When viewers take a peek at your daily work routine, it’s both personal and professional. They get to see how you run your business remotely or at the office. The best part? You’re just gonna give them the tour of your workspace.

TIP: Talk about what you love the most about your daily work routine, and make sure to circle back to your business. Have a clear call-to-action by the end, or a teaser about your upcoming products on the next live video. 

2. Sneak-peek of how you create and produce your awesome products.

GOAL: Making this kind of LIVE video will establish that you are hands-on with your business! Customers love it when you share how passionate you are with your biz!

TIP: Don’t give them all the details! The last thing you’d want is that they will get overwhelmed. Just give them the general run, and make sure that you make your talk light but not over-enthusiastic!

3. How you personalize or package your orders

GOAL: Much like the previous sneak-peek, showing your personalized packaging is also a great way to show off your products! 

TIP: It’s even better if you showcase a specific product, so you can naturally promote it, and they can buy it after the LIVE. 


You wouldn’t be doing FACEBOOK LIVES if it weren’t for this aspect right? Other than brand awareness, doing this kind of video is more heavy on selling. 

new products and promos, seasonal trends, favorite product, color palette

1. Share your upcoming seasonal trends or latest products

GOAL: Check your calendar always for upcoming seasons! You can personalize your LIVE selling through focusing on one holiday. You wouldn’t look too salesy at all, because you have a reason why you’re doing a LIVE session.

TIP: For example, if Mother’s Day is coming right up, you can mix and match specific products you have that can be the perfect gift for moms.

2. Your favorite products that you personally use

GOAL: Creating LIVE videos about the products you personally love will hold more impact to your audience. This is perfect to show them that you yourself love your items!

TIP: Make sure to give them as many options as possible, and encourage them to buy what you just showed.

3. How to use your products with color palettes and other inspo

GOAL: This is perfect for flaunting HOW to use your products. This can be like a get-ready-with-me kind of LIVE where you get to show off your products through different styles.

TIP: Be as creative as possible with this! Show them your natural charm.


Having a personal touch to your LIVE videos can really help you engage your customers! More than that, it’s also equally enjoyable for you, and for them. However, if you’re shy or intimidated with this one, you can always not show your face.

persoal updates, work outfits, daily motivation, ask-me-anything, inspire you

But ladies! Remember that viewers connect more with you once they see your face. So keep that in mind when you want to start doing personal live sessions!

1. Your top 3 favorite work outfits that make you feel like a boss

GOAL: You could show off your work outfits, and simultaneously get them to know your personality. Your style will always resonate with some of them, other than that, it’s quite enjoyable for both of you!

TIP: Since it’s LIVE, you can be flexible with this through stripping layers of clothes which can reveal different outfits. Alongside this, you can use your own products as well.

2. Staying motivated and healthy when it comes to work

GOAL: This will help you build an emotional connection to your audience. Self-care and personal development videos usually gain a lot of traction, and you can leverage this for your biz as well!

TIP: Make sure you only give tips that you use and work for you! 

3. Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) sessions with your customers

GOAL: If you want to engage with your growing audience, this can be more fitting! Customers love it when they get the chance to actively participate.

TIP: You can collect their questions, and use it as content ideas for your next LIVE session!

4. What inspires you to move forward for today

GOAL: This is to help your audience be more aware of your brand mission! 

TIP: Share why you love to pursue your business, and what’s your biggest WHY. Alongside this, you can also ask your viewers what inspires them for the day for more engagement.

And that’s it ladies! All you need to remember when making your FB Lives is that you have to be genuine when talking to your audience.

It’s high time you leverage these LIVE sessions so your business can start thriving!